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Playing the Country Music Legends

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BurnAware Free
BurnAware Free is a feature-rich and easy-to-use burning software that can perform all kinds of disc burning tasks such as creating Audio CDs, Video DVDs, making and burning ISOs, creating backups of discs, checking discs for errors, etc.
If ease-of-use is your preference then nothing can beat BurnAware. BurnAware has the most user-friendly interface in the disc-burner software category. It is also the best-organized burning software. You don’t have to find in menu bars or click multiple buttons to start the tools that you are wan to use. Every supported tool is displayed on the home screen itself.
Three view modes are supported – Icons, List, and Categories. The Icons view is the default view in BurnAware, it displays icons of the tools along with their text labels. The List view shows only the names of the tools. The Category view gives you a two-pane styled window, where the left pane includes four tabs, one for each category, clicking on each tab (category) displays the tools included in that category in the right pane of the window.
A total of 15 tools are available for users in the following 4 categories.
  • Data – Includes Data Disc, Boot Disc, Span Disc tools.
  • Multimedia – Includes Audio CD, MP3 Disc, DVD-Video, BDMV/AVC tools.
  • Disc Images – Includes Burn ISO, Copy to ISO, Make ISO, Make Boot ISO, Unpack ISO tools.
  • Utilities – Includes Erase Disc, Disc Info, Verify Disc tools.
Hover over each icon to read about its description, and find out what that tool does.
The installer of BurnAware Free contains no Ads, Promos, or PUPs.

We are a Dance Band playing Classic Country and Old Rock N' Roll cover song music, with a Full Professional sound system.
Cover songs by Alan Jackson, George Strait, Merle Haggard, Bob Wills, The Animals,  and many more. Memorable songs from your audience's past.
Demo Song
Demo Songs
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